"You All Better Now?"

Sunday I was sick.  I had been vomiting half the night before and I felt like &%^#.  Taft and I were home alone since Shane went to play golf.  Taft was very good.  I barely had to tell him "no" at all.  It is like he just know that Mommy was really sick and he was a sweet boy.
When Shane came home, he took Taft with him to Publix aka The Cookie Store.  When they got home, I say yellow flowers walking over to me.  Taft was smiling and handed them to me and the first thing that he said was, "You all better now Mommy?".  It was very sweet.  He thought that his flowers would cure me right then and there.  Of course I sucked it up and told him, "Yes". 
They are still on the kitchen counter in a vase.  Taft keeps a close eye on them.  Trevor Cat loves to eat flowers and Taft screams and scares him off whenever he sees them.  I just love my sweet boy.

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