The Birthday Countdown

The countdown to Taft's 3rd birthday has definitely began.  On Saturday, he and I went to Party City to get supplies for his birthday party on Thursday. It will be at his Preschool with his class.  I love that they let you do parties during snack time.
I had all these ideas for a Mickey Mouse party.  He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I was giving him his bath and talking to him about getting supplies.  He told me that he didn't want Mickey Mouse, he wanted Thomas.  Where this came from I am not sure.  He doesn't watch Thomas.  I have never been able to get him too.  We went to a friends party in January and it was a Thomas party.  He was over at the same friends house last weekend and watched Thomas.  I guess that it was fresh in his mind. So I decided that if he saw the Thomas things and wanted it, we would give in.
When we got there he didn't seem to care one way or the other.  I went for Mickey and he was fine with it.  Then we saw.....Handy Manny.  He LOVES Handy Manny.  We watch it over and over everyday.  Plus - it was 70% off because they are no longer making it since Handy Manny is not popular anywhere in the world except my house.
We got everything.  Treat boxes, kaleidoscopes, stickers, safety glasses, plates, napkins, and cups.  All for 14 kids and only $20.44.  Our receipt says that we saved $48.  Nothing better than that.  Of course - I had plans for Mickey cupcakes so that had to change.  After checking every store in town, no one had Handy Manny cakes anymore.  And - it is a little late notice for a custom bakery.  So - I still have some work on that.  I ordered cute Handy Manny Cupcake Toppers from Etsy.  They are some that you print yourself for $3.  Now I just need generic cupcakes to make adorable. 
After we came home and took long naps (mommy has had a tummy virus that Taft had last week) we went to Wal*Mart.  We had to pick up groceries and a gift from Gran.  She sent Taft a Toy Story Quad.  Taft calls it his car.  He says it goes fast.  He totally loves it.  He is able to ride it out front with us and in the house and by the pool.  Never fear - the pool has a safety fence.  The kind that I can't even get open or over.  The concrete out there is the perfect riding surface. 
Here are a few pics of him and his new toy:

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