Happy Third Birthday Taft! - June 2

Taft was sick on the day before his birthday with a temp so he was unable to go to school.  We have had to reschedule his school class party for a later date, but we will be having a Handy Manny party soon.
Taft stayed home with me for the morning and the Shane came home to split the day with me.  After I got off work, we took Taft to his favorite place for dinner.  Cracker Barrel.  He loves "dumpies"!

He loved it and had a great time with his dumplings, okra, and carrots.  The waitress found out it was his birthday and planned her own little surprise for him.  He was totally in shock when they came out with cake and ice cream while singing to him.  Of course - he had to play a little hard to get.

He wasn't thrilled with the chocolate lava cake they brought but I thought it was great. 
On the way home we stopped by the store to let him pick out some cupcakes that he liked.  He picked Cars ones.  He kept singing, "Happy Birthday to me", and he wanted to make sure that we had candles.
He was pretty happy to try to blown out the candles.

After cake and a bath, he was very excited to see a present from Ms. Meaghan.  Meaghan was a teacher at his school.  She was moving to Texas to get married and had to leave before his birthday.  She sent his gift home a few weeks ago and we kept to open on his birthday.  He got a firetruck, coloring book, a dino book, and even bracelets.  He was thrilled that it was from Meaghan. 

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