Blackberries and Singing

My memory lane for blackberries.  I remember picking these as a child.  It was hot in Alabama when they were ripe and ready for picking.  We would wear jeans and long-sleeved flannel shirts and  head out for berries.  I liked to pick them but would not eat them for anything.  Mawmaw would "put some up" for the winter and make blackberries cobbler.
Lately - Taft and I have been walking in the evenings.  Well - I walk and Taft rides, and most nights we are joined by Jamie and the Meseke children.  Taft's BFF CJ's is a member of this family.  On a walk this week, we noticed that the empty, wooded lots in my neighborhood are covered with blackberry vines.  Lots are ready to pick.  We picked a few as we went and snacked.  CJ and Sami loved them, Taft not so much.  So last night, Taft and I went out for a walk, and he walked too, almost a mile in fact, around the neighborhood searching for berries.  I was not dressed for the occasion and did not wear gloves, my hands are pretty sad today. 

Taft learned to pick ones close to him and to stay away from the vines after one attacked him.  I told him that it just thought he was sweet and needed a taste.  He thought he was a big boy.  He continued to walk and to pick.  We talked to a few neighbors and he got to pet a few dogs.  He even got to pick some flowers.  A real favorite for him. 

On our walk home, he decided that he wanted to sing.  We sang "10 Little Monkeys" about ten times.  It is his favorite of the moment, and also got in a few ABC's.  He also wanted to count everything.  He is really learning a lot these days and I must say that I think he is very smart.  He notices things that I don't and points them out.  I love to see things through his eyes.

After we were home, we washed out berries.  We got about 6 cups without really trying and there are lots of them out there.  Taft even ate a few.  After his bath, he was out for the count.  Maybe walking is a great way to get him in bed on time. 

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