Mother's Day

To start Mother's Day weekend, Taft brought home some lovely presents for me.  He made me a beautiful card.  As you can tell, the card is a flower.  The photo is in a cupcake liner and Taft placed it himself.  So - the flower is wilted and the flower fell off.  I am not sure if that has hidden meaning or not - but I told him thank you and he was very proud of himself.

close up of the "thinking Man"

inside of card
He also brought home this creation.  I am still not sure what it is.  The yellow foam looks like it could be a flower and the green was a leaf?  Not sure - but I do like the gum drop caterpillar.  Plus - they added some gumdrops to eat.  Kinda cute.  Once again - Taft was very happy with himself.

On Saturday - I had the day to myself.  Shane and Taft stayed home and I went to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, and yes, it is a real holiday.  I went to spend the day with my friend Casey at Scrappies (her wonderful scrapbook store).  It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the time with "Big Girls". 
Shane had friends coming over for a fight and when I got home at 11:30 PM, I still had to finish up my Macaroni Kid Newsletter before I went to bed.   The boys were all still there and up and ready for the fight to start (including Taft) and I had a terrible headache with nausea.  I figured that my contacts had been in too long and I was getting a migraine.  When I laid down on the sofa, I realized that I was hot.  102 temp after taking Tylenol and Aleve about an hour earlier.  Then I knew that it was the tummy virus that Taft had earlier in the week.  I never started vomiting, but I felt terrible.  All day on Sunday too, so I spent Mother's Day sleeping and resting.  Taft for me a gift certificate that I still have not used.  One day I will have my spa day.....

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