I took Taft to the doctor last Thursday. He had been waking up every night for about a week coughing his little head off. I would hold him up to sleep and give him the Dimetap Cough and he would go back to sleep. We were both losing about an hour and a half each night. The medicine only lasted 4 hours and then up again. He could take it before he went to daycare but by nap time he was coughing again. They will not give him any at school since it is not recommended for children under the age of 6. Our doctor said that he could have it.
So - in we went to try to figure out something else for him. I still have the memories of being in Kindergarten and out in the hall during nap time. I was always coughing if I got hot of tried to lay down. They would put my desk in the hall at nap time and let me color since the other kids couldn't sleep with me in the room. Not something I want for Taft.
Dr. Davis said that I was right and he has the allergy gene. So far no asthma. He is now taking daily Zyrtec and can have Delsym for his cough. It is good for 12 hours and gets him through the night and the daycare day. I can tell that the Zyrtec is working and I hope that it continues to. They have so many new meds out there now. I hope that he will never have to have allergy shots like I did and maybe even no whiskey in the middle of night to get to sleep. (Although that works GREAT) ;0

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  1. You mean whiskey, lemon juice and honey isn't over the counter:) Glad you are finding some things that work. Em only has to do her breathing treatments when she gets a cold but for a few years she coughed every night too! Hope he feels better and enjoys his spring


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