Happy St. Patty's Day

I bought Taft a St. Patrick's Day shirt about a month ago when I knew that he would be going to preschool on the holiday. I mean I can't let him go to school and be the only little boy there with no appropriate holiday wear. ;0 Besides - it was about $6 at Target and we got one that we can wear the rest of the year. No bright green shirt that says what holiday it is. Just a simple, gray, "Handsome Irish Boy" with a few little shamrocks.
One the way down the hall to his classroom, I noticed all the signs. Each room has a bulletin board by the door. It is where you can pull a breakfast/lunch menu each week and the teacher keeps a newsletter (you have one sent home with you each month too). They also post the list of things that they need donated to the class for art/craft time. EVERY door has had "Please wear green on Wed March 17th" all month. This week, a few of the classes had made glittery shamrocks and construction paper green top hats that lined the halls. I love that they get so into the holidays.
It was chilly and was only going to be 64 degrees for a high. Taft could not wear that thin little T-shirt. So we layered. I think that it looked really cute with the other long sleeved shirt and his jeans. Ms. Celeste told him that he was very handsome. I just think that it made him look so much older than 21 months. More like a little man. ;0
I really wanted to get some pictures of him but I was running late yesterday due to the fact that after I got out of the shower and got dressed, makeup on, and was running early, I realized that I never washed my hair. As it dried it was a nasty mess. I had to wash it in the sink. A pony tail was not even an option. So - today we put the outfit back on and went outside. It was nice to have the time to explore with him and take the pictures that I wanted. He had a great time and was even happy to go back in and take a nap. So the photos here are just a few of my favorites and there are more on facebook.

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