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I LOVE to scrapbook as some of you know. Those of you that have traveled with me know that I have to find the local scrapbook store and stop there just in case they have special things made for that area and attractions. I have a great friend, Casey, that owns Scrappies in Palatka, Florida. Last year I was able to join in the Page of the Month class but I joined in the middle of the year. I was able to get the back kits but I have still not finished them all.

This year they didn't start the year until March. One kit a month and then a free album to keep them in at the end of the 12 months. Casey sends out an email with the kit photo and what we need to bring to class including photo sizes. Then we can print those in her store.

March was kinda green. Perfect for Taft's St. Patty's Day photos. Most of us take a little creative freedom and change a few things to make it our own. The patterned papers are double sided so there are some options. One great thing is that you NEVER use all the materials in class and have lots left over. With this kit I was able to finish the project and still enough left over to make Taft his layout for his scrapbook. How perfect is that?

The top layout is the one that I made from the class. Here is the class layout photo that comes with the instructions.

Here is the second layout that I made with my leftovers for Taft's scrapbook.

If you like the idea of these, check with your local scrapbook store (that does NOT include Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or JoAnn's). And I think that there are a few stores online that you can just order them from each month. Of course - it is more fun to have a group and have an excuse to get together and gossip and snack while you put them together.

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