Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Taft was very excited to see that Cupid came during the night and dropped off a few little gifts for him. He loves balloons so he went straight for them. He got a coloring book, crayons, a Kit Kat, and a ball and bat. We waited until last night to go and get him some things so we were lucky that they had balloons left. Hence the reason that he got pick instead of red. Red was sold out.
He went for the Kit Kat first thing. He loves Kit Kat and Reese's Cups. He has to wait until snack time to eat it though but I know that he will love it. In fact - he will only get half today and half tomorrow.

All week I had the breakfast that I wanted to cook him in my mind. But - we waited until last night to pick up the items. I wanted strawberry muffin mix. We went to Target, Publix, and finally Winn-Dixie to find it. Red food coloring was also a little hard to find to color his eggs. I already had a mini muffin tin and they were the perfect size for him. I wondered if he would eat the omelet but he had no problem digging in and eating every bite.

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