Mail From Gran & Jenna

Taft loves to get mail from Gran and Jenna. The mailman was nice enough to drop of this box while he was taking a nap so I was able to open all the items and get them ready for him. That way he could just dig in on his own. I think that the first thing he saw was his baby doll. When we were at Gran's during the holidays, he played with a doll there. He would sit and give it a bottle and hold it. He also got bibs and lots of different socks and a board book that came with little wooden figures. The doll came with a bottle and some baby toys and he has really enjoyed it.

He loves his baby!

The baby also talks. He didn't figure it out for a few hours but when he did it was pretty funny. He wanted me to keep mashing it's tummy to make it talk. It giggles, cries, and says da-da. When I stopped he found a way to make it work for him. He puts the doll on the floor and steps on him. I guess we need to talk about child abuse.

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