December Daily - Day 9

First of all - I know that I skipped 8. We really didn't do anything yesterday. Nothing photo worthy or Christmas like. Quincy came and brought Taft a book with wiggly eyes and he loved it. Since this is all that really happened, I am going to reserve those pages in the album for sample/swatches of our wrapping paper for the year.Taft got a package today while he was asleep. I opened it and removed the items for Shane and I and put Taft's back in so that he could open it when he woke from his nap. He wasn't sure what to do with it at first but then he took out all the tissue paper and found his new ornaments from Gran. She sent him a sock monkey and Grinch for his tree. After he found them, he put them back in the box with the tissue and repeated this over and over. We will put the ornaments on his tree in the morning when I can get the ladder in to reach it.

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