December Daily - Day 10

Today I worked on some ornaments to give to my neighbors girls. The three girls are adorable and Taft and I are having them over for lunch on the 21st. I have made them "formal" invitations. Keep in mind they are all under 8 years all. It should be fun. Lunch and cookies to decorate. Just a little winter fun.
Here are the ornaments:
Cate is in green and so is the shimmer ribbon but it doesn't photo well.

I also started to work on the list of addresses for Christmas cards. I figure if I have all the address together it will be that much easier to get them all out in the mail. We are taking pictures this Sunday and I will order them that night. Hopefully they will be in the mail by Tuesday at least. I am not posting a photo of the list on here even though it will be used in my album. The photo makes it where you can see the peoples addresses and it wouldn't be right to post those. ;0


  1. Those are super cute. I'm making the same thing for some friends, but filling it with the basket filling (the crinkled paper) and just putting an initial. I want to do this for Hallie's little friends in ballet, but I ran out of time (tomorrow's her last class this year). Oh well. :o)


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