December Daily - Day 7

When we started to look for Quincy, he was in the bathroom holding a bottle of Mr. Bubble. Taft had never had a real bubble bath and when I put him in, he was not sure what to do. He even started to cry a little. I think that he was upset that he could not see his legs and feet. After I showed them to him he was fine and seemed to enjoy the bubbles.
When I was little, we would go one night in December to look at Christmas lights. We would drive to Anniston/Oxford and drive around different neighborhoods. We have one neighbor, a couple of streets away, that go above and beyond in decor. We call them the neighborhood Griswalds. He starts working on the lights in October and has been seen adding things by the day. We walked Taft up there last night. It was pretty dark on the way since our town doesn't do street lights unless you pay for one in your yard. When we turned the corner it was like daytime. Taft wasn't sure what to think. He just stared. I think that he liked the decorations that moved and played music. Never fear, we will never have a yard that looks this way.

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  1. My word look at those lights! My husband would love to do this if time allowed...thankfully it doesn't! Your little boy has the sweetest hair, love that rich, dark hair! He's adorable!


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