Halloween Bunny

Our sweet boy loves his Easter Bunny. It was love at first sight. From the moment he saw the cute, white, bunny, he wanted to take him places. He started with just holding him and rubbing an ear as he went to sleep for naps. When he stopped having a bottle at night, he started holding Bunny. Now when he is upset, Bunny makes him feel better. We take him to get haircuts (which he hates), to the doctor, and shopping at times. Bunny has been lots of places. Here at home we see Taft walking around holding Bunny by one or both ears depending on his mood. I have to say that I wish he picked another animal just due to the fact that Bunny is white. Thank goodness he washes well in the machine. Of course, we tell Taft that he is at PetSmart getting a bath. =)
Today Taft and I went to Michael's to see if there were clothes for Bunny. His shirt is sewn to him so we are always saying Happy Easter. The stuffed bear clothes there will work just fine. They are a little big, but they work. They had a black and a purple Halloween sweater. I let Taft pick and he did great. I hope they have them for other holidays. For $3 Bunny gets a new look.

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