Half-Way Trip

On Saturday the 17th, Taft and I left home for the 3 hour drive to Valdosta, GA. Valdosta is the closest town to a half-way mark for us and Shane's family. Gran had mentioned trying to start doing a little visit like this every other month or so and this was the first time that we were able to try it out. It went well. If Taft and I leave home at 9 after he eats breakfast, we make it to the Cracker Barrel (which he loves) at 1 for lunch.
We stayed in the Holiday Inn which was new and very nice. We had an adjoining room with Gran and Jenna. Also - the rooms were pretty much baby proofed without doing a lot to them.
Taft and I arrived early and checked in to the room. It was COLD! Bless his heart because he had on a t-shirt and shorts. I have bought him long pants but all of them are too long and I have yet to get them hemmed. I did have him a sweatshirt hoodie. He and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. He ate the entire children's meal of chicken and dumplings and wanted more. He ate my okra and some biscuit. When we got back to the hotel, Gran and Jenna were checking in. He was so excited to see Jenna. Gran and I both agree that he has always had a connection with Jenna.
Since Taft was a little cold, we went to the mall to look for new things to wear. Gran got Taft some cute sweater, shirts, and pants at Children's Place but none of the pants would fit for the weekend. We were able to find 2 pair of jeans in Old Navy that are the right length already. Thank goodness!

Taft with his new Old Navy outfit.
For the afternoon, we just spent time together at the hotel. Taft had a snack but no nap. Too much excitement. Then Jenna picked a Japanese place for dinner. It was great and Taft was well behaved. By the time we were back at the hotel, it was bed time for the sweet boy. At home he only likes to have mommy hold him to go to sleep. He was just as happy with Jenna on our trip.

Taft hanging out with Jenna.

Then passing out with Jenna.
Sunday morning was check out. Most of the morning was spent getting things packed and baths taken. We all went to breakfast together and then off to our states. Hopefully next time we can make it a day longer.
Taking a hotel bath.

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