Princess Place Preserve Creek Side Festival

Every year in October, there is Creek Side Festival at Princess Place Preserve. For those of you not in Florida, Princess Place is a Flagler County Park. It is 1500 acres and on the Pellicer Creek and Intercoastal Waterway. The house was built in 1886 is our oldest standing structure in the county. After the man that built the house died, his wife remarried a Russian Prince, with her becoming a princess. Hence the name.
There are food vendor's and someone selling about anything that you can imagine. Lots of people and dogs. Some people have picnics by the water or just sit in the rocking chairs on the front porch of the house and listen to the live Bluegrass music. Regardless, they try to have a little something for everyone.
We decided to go today. It is still 94 degrees here. Someone forgot to tell Florida that it is Fall. Taft was in a great mood this morning. He ate all his breakfast, had a bath, and played while we got ready. He seemed excited about going out when he was set free out the front door. He was even happy in the car and kept smiling at Shane. (We aren't in the same car a lot) He was happy when we got there. He flirted with ladies and "talked" to kids. He started to get ill when he saw the dogs from the humane society and wanted out of his stroller. I got him out and let him pet the dogs. Things went south from here.
The screaming started. We thought that he might be getting hungry so we got him a hot dog and fries. He didn't eat it. Then we tried putting him in and out of the stroller to see what he wanted. He wanted neither and the screaming got to the point that there was snot and drool. Time to go home. We had been there maybe an hour. I really wanted the Greek Salad and lamb with veges dinner. It didn't happen. And Shane did not get his frozen lemonade.
After we got him in the car and he stopped screaming, he drank some juice and fell asleep. Great right? Nope. Then the car overheated and died. Did I mention that it was 94 degrees? We tried letting it cool and running the heat but it was not working. Our wonderful neighbor, Lauren, came to rescue us.
After getting home, Taft watched tv, ate his fries, and took a nap. The car - well we got it home but there appears to be a leak in the radiator. We will worry with that tomorrow.

Happy leaving the house in his new Nike's we bought yesterday.

Still happy
Helping him pet the dogs.
After this point there are no photos to document the day. It's a good thing and even better that there is no video. =)

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