15 Month Check Up

Today was Taft's 15 month birthday and his check up at the doctor. Dr. Davis said that Taft is perfect and on target for all of his social and cognitive development. Taft even showed him his fine motor skills while he was trying to text message someone.
He only had one regular vaccine to get today but we decided to get our first flu shot. Since it is his first, he has to go back in a month for the second half. We also talked about the swine flu vaccine and the office will have it next month when we come in. We have decided to get it since the doctor is giving it to all of his children and recommended that Taft do the same since his age group is hit hard.
We had a great little visit and Taft was very good. Even for the shots. He only cries because I hold him down.
He was 23.3 pounds ( 25-50%) and 32 1/4 inches tall (75-90%). He is still tall and skinny!
Taft texting while he waits.

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