Taft has been taking a few solo steps here and there for a few months but not really wanting to let go of his cruising ways. This past week, he just woke up one morning and started to walk across the room. Since then he has mostly been a walker/wobbler here at home. We went to visit friends and he was a speed crawler when we first got there since he can still check things out faster that way. After a little while he showed them his new talent also.
He is very proud of himself with all that he can do and even stops to clap for himself. =)
Taft and I went to look for shoes since we will be wearing them now. I picked out a cute little brown pair that look so grown up. He liked them and walked around the store a little. Then he got close to the shelves and grabbed a blue pair. I was lucky that they were in his size and one sale for $5 because he was not hearing that he could not have them.


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