Cruise Day 3 - Fun Day at Sea

Day three was Easter, my birthday, and a full day at sea. Taft woke up early and the first thing that he noticed when I put him on our bed was his basket in the window. He got ALF season 1, eggs, a connecting toy, and a stuffed bunny. He seemed to like it all and loved playing with the little boy themed eggs.
After getting showers, Taft and I went to breakfast in the dining room while Daddy slept. We strolled around the ship and looked at all the shops on board. Then we went back to the dining room for lunch and strolled some more. Finally we got Daddy to get up and around and take a few photos, enjoy being out on the deck, and visited with others in our group.
Of course after Taft's nap it was time for dinner. We all enjoyed our last night of Chocolate Melting Cake. The waiters sang Happy Birthday to me and he started to scream. It was loud and he didn't understand. His friend Romeo made him feel better. Romeo was a waiter during the day on the pool deck and in the dinning room at night. Taft loved him and always smiled when he was around.

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