Cruise Day 2 - Bahamas

Day two was very long and packed full of things to do. Shane, Taft, and got up early to go to the dinner room for breakfast. Buffets aren't very easy with a baby in a stroller. It's much easier to have someone bring it to you.
Then we had to get all packed for Nassau. We were able to see land approaching from the window at breakfast and I was glad to get Taft off the ship for a little while.
We did a little shopping and looking around in Nassau. Taft slept a lot of the time in his stroller. It was time for his nap and he was going to take it no matter what country he was in. We bought our family usual. A Christmas tree ornament for the family tree and one for Taft's tree. And a charm for my bracelet. It was pretty and hot but I don't think that we were really impressed. I think that it would be better away from all the cruise ships and people trying to sell you things on every corner. A few streets back from the ocean were a lot more calm.
After we got back on the ship it was time to get ready for the formal captains dinner. I was excited to see Taft in his first tie. I was surprised that he left it alone for the entire dinner. He didn't seem to notice until after dessert. The food was great and everyone looked nice.
Taft liked the towel animal in the room but wasn't too sure what to do with it. I liked that someone cleaned up the room twice a day and got rid of those diapers.
Taft checking to see if we are all packed for the island.
Taft modeling his new tropical outfit.
Emma playing with a coconut animal
Mommy and Taft resting
Cruise photo from formal night

Taft after dinner

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