Miami - South Beach

On Monday morning our ship docked back in Miami. The plan was to check into a hotel and spend the day and night. We had a great little hotel in the Art Deco district across from the beach. It was a perfect location for walking around checking out things in South Beach.
After we checked in, Shane, Wes, Taft, and I headed out for lunch at Cheeseburger Baby. If you are ever in South Beach be sure to eat there. The girls all went to the beach so Taft and I walked around trying to see what was there while Shane and Wes took naps. I took a few photos of the pretty buildings that have been restored and found myself in front of the Versace Mansion. It was beautiful and only two blocks from our hotel.
I loves South Beach even more than Nassau. I hope to go back there for a few days and be able to check out all the museums and parks they have to offer. Plus there is a lot of culture there that we just don't see here.
Versace Mansion
Ocean Ave
Washington Ave
The Winter Haven - our hotel

One of the little outside cafes


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