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I have to admit that one thing I look forward to in December are the Lifetime and Hallmark Channel movies. There are more than I count and I would watch them all day if I could. I think that it is a tradition for just me. In fact, Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas starts with every weekend in November being Christmas movies all day and all night.
The Christmas Card on Hallmark Channel came out in 2006 and I have watched it every year. I am sure that this year will be no exception. A soldier gets a Christmas card and travels to find the person that sent it. A good little promo for the fact that Holiday Mail for Heroes can mean a lot to someone.
I also love Moonlight & Mistletoe, and The Christmas Box.
But enough about the movies that I love. As far as ongoing tradition goes, I love the classics. The cartoon classics. I remember watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for as long as I can remember. I also remember being a little afraid of the abominable snowman. When Taft was born, we bought the classics box set. He didn't really care for all of them that first Christmas (he was 6 months old) except Rudolph. When that little reindeer came on the screen and his nose started blinking, Taft would laugh and wave his arms.
It has been his favorite ever since. And a tradition for us to watch it at least 50 times in December.
Do you have movies that you watch every year? Any favorites from childhood?

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