31 Days | Looking At Lights

One of the things that I enjoyed as a child was going to look at Christmas lights. We grew up in the rural part of a basically rural county. There were not that many houses that really decorated with lights near us.
So, on a night in December, we would load up in the car and go to the neighboring county to tour around the city. The wealthier parts of the mountain had some amazing lights and decor. It was just simple, cheap, enjoyment. The last time that I went with my family was years ago. I was pregnant with Taft and my mom, dad, and grandmother headed out to see he lights. There just weren't as many as I remember from childhood, but we ended up at Sonic for ice cream so that kinda made up for it.
Now I like to take my son to see the lights. A family tradition lives on. We have a few places that we like to go. We have a neighbor in walking distance that we lovingly call the Griswold's. I think you can see why.
They all kinds of things going on. People drive from other parts of town and take pictures. We walk up and have a little visit. The family is so nice and lets Taft walk all over their yard seeing each and every detail.
We also have a light exhibit in our Central Park. You walk around the lake their are different themes set up with a tree in the middle of the lake. They also play Christmas music and is a nice calm way to spend an evening.
The best way to see these, at least in my opinion, is to take one of the trolleys around the city. And you get to sing Christmas caroles as you do so.
And then, we have the St.Augustin Nights of Lights. The entire Historic District is decorated with tiny white lights. Literally sparkles as you drive across the Brige of Lions.
Do you make looking at Christmas lights a family affair? Is it a tradition that you do in your family?

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  1. Touring the town for Christmas lights is one our favorite things to do! We even "tour" on our way to school - some people leave their smaller light displays on all night long and we head out before most people are awake. There's also Zoo Lights, which is super fun for the kids!


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