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As a child, we had a fake tree. The one year that we had a real cedar tree, dug up by my father in the woods by our house, I was allergic. Not just a little sneezing, but a nice rash anywhere I touched the thing. And yes, I said dug up, not cut down. My dad was a fireman and if the tree has roots and is watered, it is less likely to catch fire. And if memory serves me right, there was a praying mantis egg case in the tree. Since it was warm in the house, they hatched. 100-200 little babies all walking around the house. (I talked to my mother today to confirm the details. It was the Christmas I was in first grade and the year my sister was born.) Seriously - I can not make this stuff up.
So - with the above being noted, we never went to a Christmas tree farm. Not that there were that many to go to in Alabama. But as I started reading blogs and saw all these wonderful trips to the Christmas Tree Farm, I set out to find one. Not an easy thing in Florida.
But we struck gold. I found Santa's Christmas Tree Forest. It is about an hour away but well worth the drive. They have so many fun things planned for the kids. Snacks, simple rides, a petting zoo, and Santa. They have a hayride that takes you to the field to cut down your tree. We let Taft pick the tree since it goes in his room. We still use a fake, pre-lit in the family room.
Here are a few photos from last year.

Do you go as a family each to pick out the tree? Do you go to the same place year after year? I would love to see pictures. Seriously - I would.

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