Cat in the Hat

As most of us know, Dr. Seuss has a birthday in March.  I think that every school that I know of celebrates in some way.  Taft's preschool is no exception. 
His room was all decked out in Dr. Seuss themed crafts and books.  The children could bring in books of their own also.  We went through all of Taft's and found one that he said the classroom did not have for him to take in.  Horton Hatches the Egg. 
On Friday, I went to pick Taft up and he was so excited.  It was his day to take Cat in the Hat home.  Ms. Linda has a bag with a Dr. Seuss book in it that includes six stories.  It also has a clip board with a page explaining what to do and there is a nice stuffed Cat in the Hat. 
Each child takes Cat home and writes down each thing that Cat does with the family.  You can also read the stories, which we did, and of course we took a few photos since we got to have Cat all weekend long!
Here is Taft all excited to leave school with Cat.
And here they are in Target.  Cat helped us shop for food and even picked out shorts, a shirt, and socks for Taft.
They also enjoyed watching some cartoons after dinner.
Cat also went to a birthday party.  I am pretty sure that he was ready to go back to school and get a little rest.


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