Charlie the Caterpillar | A Musical Presented by Sunshine Academy's VPK

Taft had his Spring Musical at school.  Luckily, it was on a Monday around lunch time so Shane and I were both able to attend.  The story was Charlie the Caterpillar.  A story about a caterpillar that can't find anyone to be his friend, at least not until he turns into a butterfly.  It's focus is on what makes a true friend. 
The children were split up into bunnies, frogs, monkeys, and island girls.  The main character being Charlie of course. 
Here with have Taft (and his girlfriend) in cute frog hats.
This is "Charlie". 

Taft loves to sing and dance so he was more than happy to perform.
I just had to throw in a picture of the cocoon.  The music teacher at his school is great!
I also wanted to give you a little sneak peak inside the musical itself.  Here is a clip of the frogs singing "Five Green and Speckled Frogs".
And since it kinda sounds like a bunch of screaming children, the lyrics are:
Five green and speckled frogs
Sitting on a hollow log
Eating some most delicious bugs
Yum, Yum
One frog jumped in the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Now there are only four green speckled frogs
Glub, Glub
and repeat.....


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