Taft and the Ice Cream Truck

A few weeks ago, I went away for the weekend.  When I returned home, all Taft could talk about was that he and Daddy saw the ice cream truck and he got a popsicle.  Seriously - it was just about all I heard.  I wasn't upset that he got to do something without me there, but I was a little upset that there were no pictures.  That is just the scrapbooker in me.
So - this Saturday Taft was out back playing when he ran in to tell me that he heard the ice cream truck.  We all hurried and went outside to figure out where it was.  We had to wait a little.  Then we heard it coming.  We live at the end of a loop so it goes past us and around.  But Taft was jumping and waving and screaming, "Wait ice cream truck!  Turn around!".  The man saw him and put it in reverse. 

He was very happy about that.
Taft got his red, white, and blue popsicle and all was well.
Until the music started again.  Taft thinks that it is too loud.  Of course the ice cream man told him that it has to be loud for all the kids to hear him coming.
***And yes - my child dressed himself in the PJ shirt and camo pants.  We let him go wild on the weekends.  ;0

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