Spring/Summer Safety

As it starts to warm up, Taft wants to get be outside.  That means he starts to watch for bees, lizards, snakes, ants, you name it.  That also means that I have to get more careful and check more of the things that he is doing and where he is going.  Here are just a few to get you thinking about your own house and yard:
  • Any boxes or storage containers (like the ones that you put toys and pool equipment in).  We have a screened enclosure around the pool, but it has a doggie door so creatures get in and snakes and spiders love nice dark places.
  • Shane also surveys the yard and starts to put out ant killer.  Taft calls it "ant medicine".  He wants to be ant friendly and let them get back to their mommy and daddy.  We have the movie Ant Bully to thank for that.
  • All the overhangs around the yard, around the pool equipment, and in the corners of the fence have to be checked for wasps. Along with shrubs and flower pots.  If you have playsets and swings sets, you have to check them ALL over.  You would be very surprised at where those wasps can make a nest.
  • Never leave play shoes outside.  Here in Florida, you may have a scorpion, spider, or snake take a break from the sun in there and children don't think before they put a foot in there.
  • We also have to remember to not have open cans and bottles to drink out of outside.  Bees like to get on those and have a drink too.  Then, you pick up the drink and get stung in the mouth or face.  For a child, it can be deadly.
  • We also check the skimmer on the pool before getting in since that seems to be where the snakes like to hide.
We just try to go outside with him, even on the deck and enclosure before he starts to play.  He has been told to run and tell us if he sees things, but you just never know when a little boy gets curious.  Can you think of anything that I have missed?


  1. Great list! I wouldn't have thought of some of those things!

  2. This is an awesome list. I can't even imaging living in a place where you have to check for scorpions!

  3. Though I have no little ones of my own yet, your list has motivated me to get some things accomplished around my home--you know, the kind that I've been putting off for months haha. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hey there! Thanks for the follow! These are all really good ideas for safety! My son loves bugs too he is always concerned about them! Great blog and I am now following u as well!

    Maribel :)


  5. Great suggestions - thanks for following!


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