Happy 60th Birthday Big Ron!

So - today is my Daddy's 60th Birthday.  So I decided to show you some of my favorite photos of him from the past.

This first one is one of my all time favorites.  Maybe because he has a bunny and it reminds me of Taft.  And I love those shoes.
And this little lovely is because I can't look at it without thinking that he was in jail.  There are serious stripes on the those PJ's.  He also looks a lot like Taft in the photo.

And it would not be complete with a photo from when he was in the Coast Guard.
And of course I had to slip in a photo with me in it.
There are a few things that I will always remember at my dad.  When I was little, he worked a lot.  I never remember him having only one job.  There always seemed to be at least two.  He started working at the Fire Department when I was in elementary school.  They work 24 hour shifts and then off for 48.  He had a few part time jobs during those years.  My favorite was when he worked as a Chimney Sweep.  He even wore a black suit and top hat.  Kinda reminds me of Mary Poppins.  I so wish that I had a picture of that.  But I don't.  You will just have to use your imagination. 

Happy Birthday Big Ron!!

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