Ode To School Pictures

Thank you school pictures for always making me feel bad if we don't buy you.  I mean how can we not buy photos our child?  Don't get me wrong.  I know that not all people take photos of their children on a weekly or monthly basis, and for them it may be the only photos of that time in a child's life.  But - we take lots of photos.  The school photos are good, but they are so posed.  My child never stands like that.  He never smiles like that.  And I am pretty sure that he never puts his hands on the back of a chair that no one is sitting in while his other hand is in his pocket looking like an old Southern gentleman.  It seriously reminds me of prom photos from high school.  Yet - here you are at my house staring me in the face....

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  1. I had to laugh at the background! I rearrange my parent's photos that are on display to hide my awkward school photos :)

  2. Thay look better then the ones we get here, all of ours are just plain backgrounds with just thier awkward smiley faces ... I don't think I will ever buy them I would rather do them myself me thinks ;)

  3. i never buy nora's school pictures. they are usually terrible and sooo expensive. i'd much rather go to portrait innovations and pay $10 for the one pose package and get a million pics. and we're like you: we take birthday pics, easter pics, chrstmas pics, etc...so the need for crappy, overpriced pics is just not there. does that make me a bad momma? nah, i don't think so.

    1. Steph - That does not make you a bad momma. ;0 I love Portrait Innovations. They did all of Taft's first year photos. We take so many photos and I never pay for Santa or the Easter Bunny. I just get the smallest package of school photos b/c the grandparents like them. They are overpriced and they take them twice a year at his preschool. It's crazy.

  4. It's cute though, right? The ridiculousness is part of the charm. My sons backdrop was of a lake and rolling green Irish-looking hills, neither of which are found in our corner of Texas.


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