Memorial Day Link Up!

For this weekend, if you chose, write a post about a solider in your life.  Tell us a little about them, their branch of the military, and add a picture if you have one.  Then - link them up below so we can all share in honoring the people that have made, kept, and are keeping our country a save and free place to live.
I am sharing a little about my paternal grandfather, Ronald Watson McCary.
He was in the Navy and from what I was told, he joined up before he was 18.  It seems that was easier to do back then.  And in this picture, he certainly looks young.
Of course - this is how I remember him.

He was enlisted during WWII.  He quit high school to join the Navy and went to boot camp in the Great Lakes and served in the Pacific until the end of the war.  When he returned from war, Anniston High School formed a special class for returning Veterans to get their high school diploma.  And then he got married.  He still looks pretty young in this photo too, and you can't even start to miss how pretty my grandmother, Charlotte, was either.

By the time I came around, he was living in Florida.  Kinda strange that I have ended up in Florida too.  He worked and retired from GE.  He loved fishing and sports.  He was a life long smoker.  He was chronically late for things. ;0

I will always remember a trip that he took my brother and I on.  He was visiting us in Alabama during the summer and was going to take us to see his sister, Jean.  And you most remember that this was long before cell phones so finding people while they were out meant a string of phone calls to see where we had been last.  We went to see Aunt Jean, and my cousins, Adam and Amy, then we ended up with Uncle Harold.  We were there for hours.  Time just always got away from him.  I am pretty sure that mother was a little worried.
And this is the last picture that I have of him.  I am the girl with the bright white bow in my hair.  I promise that those were popular in the mid 1990's.  This was taken at Christmas, and he passed away in the Spring from metastatic lung cancer.

He was soldier and a defender of America.  And his birthday is at Memorial Day.  Completely fitting.

Feel free to link up your own soldier stories below.  The link will be open until midnight on Monday.  Have a great and safe holiday!

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  1. Happy Memorial day weekend. Family stories are always so touching...hopping by from aloha friday hop.

  2. I was just working on my post! Need a few pictures from my mom, a few revisions and I'll link it up!

  3. What a great link up idea! Love your grandpa's story!

  4. I never really knew that side of your family...but good grief, you and Kristi look just like your grandfather in the picture of him and your grandmother! She was beautiful! Charlotte...that would be a very cute name for a little girl if a #2 Belton were to ever come along. :oD

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  5. This is a beautiful tribute to your grandfather! Thank you for sharing and a great way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend!

  6. This is SUCH a perfect tribute! What a wonderful man he was! LOVE this.

    I will surely come back & link up girl!

  7. A great tribut to your grandfather! Bless him for serving our country. I am glad you got to share many good moments with him!

  8. Thank you to your grandfather and thank you to you and your family for being the loved ones of a soldier. I enjoyed learning about your grandfather and a bit about you too. The memories we keep of our loved ones, even after they have left this earthly home, will live on with us. They are such a part of who we are. Glad to link up with you!

  9. I enjoyed reading about your grandfather. I just added a link to the post I was inspired to write after I found this post! My grandfather is coming over to my house soon for a cookout! Thank you for doing this and being an inspiration for a new post for me!

  10. That wedding photo is so lovely! Happy Memorial Day! What a nice way to celebrate :)


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