Wednesday Love

This week - I am loving that I won my first blog anything!  I linked up over the weekend for the Easter Challenge Weekend Link Up Party at Our Footprints On The Sand.  And. I. Won.  Yeppie!!  You can head over and see all the lovely Easter post here.
Loves from Pinterest:
Love this idea.  How great would it be for a child that plays sports?  Save all the tickets from their games or all the movies that they have ever seen.
Love the colors on these.  
Things I am loving at home:
Taft in Underoos.  I didn't even know that they still made them. David Beckham has noting on him.  ;0

Smoothies for lunch with my friend Yvette!  We love Tropical Smoothie.  They know us by name and even our voice when we call in to order.  I know.  It's kinda sad. ;0

Today I am linking up to What I'm Loving Wednesday, Oh, So Pinteresting, Follow Me Wednesday, and Midweek Confessions.  Be sure to check out their great blogs and link up what you are loving this week!


  1. I am totally in love with that shadow box for ticket stubs! I think it is on my to do list now!

  2. Gorgeous pics!

    I'm new to Oh, How Pinteresting and have just done my very first post tonight. I'd love it if you could check it out.

    I'm also new to your cute blog and am now following you too :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. Hi!! Thank you for stopping by at the Peanuts Gang!

    LOVE that ticket stub idea also (now my hubby can't complain when I save them haha!)


  4. hey miss! i saw you over on the vintage apple's blog and wanted to say i love yours!
    and i'm really, really loving your selection of pinterest photos!
    newest stalker... err.. follower! ;)

    say hi back sometime hun?

  5. Smoothies sound quite tasty! i do love your choice of planted flowers! The colors are just perfect. Hope you have a great Wednesday!!! Mindy @ The Blooming Daisy

  6. Oh my gosh! those underoos are awesome!!

  7. Congrats on winning an award from your blog! I am a new follower from Follow Me Wednesday! http://naptimeshopper.blogspot.com


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