{Taft's Everyday}: February Edition

Taft got a Gran Box today and it made me remember that I haven't had a post devoted to Taft in awhile.  He has been up to a lot lately. 
We got haircuts...

He has gotten Skittles from his friend, and my co-worker, Yvette aka Dardas.  He likes them in his cup holder..

 He has discovered that Lincoln Logs are cool.  I am glad that Santa went out on a limb and got him some..
 He likes to play with them on a quilt in the floor with his daddy....
 And back to that Gran Box.  Here are the contents...  Shirts, socks, undies, markers, books, and a new toy plane.
 And he LOVES the plane.
 My favorite is one of the shirts.  I can only believe that a Southern person designed this shirt.  Camo with a collar.  It's for a more formal occassion.  I wonder if it is only sold in Alabama?


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