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So - I haven't felt great lately. In fact, there have been days that I have felt terrible. A week or so ago, I was in so much pain on Saturday and Sunday, that I could barely move. I got lab work done and it was all pretty good (with the exception of my cholesterol). Did I mention that I hate blood work? I don't mind getting stuck and I have no problem with blood, it is just that I have no good veins. They are so deep and tiny. It takes a great phlebotomist to get me on the first stick. Lucky for me, Peter, who have never seen before, was awesome. Now if I weren't allergic to that medical tape....
I saw the doctor this week. We talked about all the things that have been going on.
  • Back pain, seems to be in the muscles
  • Joint pain in my feet
  • Extreme fatigue at times
  • Just not feeling good period 
When she did my exam, I had some tenderness in my back and neck that already knew was there, but she found a little spot on my left arm that is still hurting after the visit. It is hard to explain how I feel.
We talked about possible things that could be going on but the fact that really I have not had symptoms long enough to know what is going on. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, are just a few things that it might by, but could be something as simple as being tired and stressed. Only time will tell.
So - that is where the fun comes in. I get to keep a journal of all my symptoms and what was going on that day. I am adding what I eat, drink, meds that I take (including vitamins and over the counter), amount of exercise, and how I feel. Any symptoms like swelling, rash, fever, go on there too. Hopefully there is some kind of pattern so we can find out what is going on. At least it can help run out things.
I also have to see an allergist. My allergies have gotten so much worse over the past few years. It is hard to tell if I have hives from eating something or a rash to go with my symptoms. I have Keratoconus (which is a degeneration of the structure of the cornea) and I have to wear hard contacts. With all the allergies that I have, my eyes itch all the time which makes wearing them uncomfortable. I don't have another choice if I want to be able to see well enough to drive, read, or watch tv. I have also started to find that many foods cause me to have hives and trigger my asthma. Not a good thing. I need to be tested for allergies. The last time I had the test I was 5.
At least my blood pressure was GREAT!! I have one thing going for there there. ;0

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! I am going thur mystery things as well and am working with my doc to try to figure out why i feel like crap. best of luck with it all!


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