Whatnot Wednesday

I can't believe that it has been another week.  I have so many posts that are half finished and still not posted. I just truly have not felt like it.  Allergies and asthma are kicking my butt.  Even after a week on steroids, my chest is still not right. But - with that being said, it is Wednesday and time to link up with Whatnot Wednesday.

  • It is already the end of September and I have yet to decide on a Halloween costume for Taft.  This is the first year that he is really old enough to help pick one out.  He wanted to be a Fireman, then a pirate, then a Police Man....We will just have to see and hopefully soon.
  • With Halloween being so close, it means that Christmas is also getting close.  December 1st means that Quincy will be back.  I can't wait for Quincy this year.  Taft is older so I know that it will be a lot more fun.  Quincy has already sent me a little email letting me know what gifts he would like to bring so that I can help him get those ready.  I have 2.  Only 22 more to go.  Lucky for me, Quincy loves the Dollar Tree and Target discount aisle.
  • I am so happy that the new fall season of television is finally on.  I just have too many shows that I enjoy.  I never watch them when they are on and use TiVo for everything.  Mostly I get to watch them on the weekends when Taft is taking naps.  I am trying to not get sucked in to anything new but it is always hard. 
  • Speaking of Christmas, I have found a great Brunch with Santa for us to go to.  It sounds great and I am very excited.  I will tell you more about that as I get registered and find out more.
  • I am very depressed this week as it is the last week for All My Children.  I have not watched all the time over the past years but anytime I turn it on, it is just the same.  I love that.  I remember watching it as a child with my parents.  I know more about those families than I do my own.  And to replace it with a talk show about food is just sad.
  • I love the fact that Anderson Cooper has a new daytime talk show.  Have you seen it?  I just love him.  There is something about those eyes.... And to think that he got his start on Channel 1.  That brings back high school memories.  Of course, his hair wasn't gray back then.
  • I plan on working on my blog this weekend and getting the post finished and updated.  It bothers me to be behind.  It takes a little longer to do the food posts now that I am linking them to Google Docs so the recipe can be printed. 
  • I can't wait to get working on some Halloween shirts for Taft.  I hope that the long sleeves t-shirts will be in a Wal*Mart this weekend.  Pinterest has inspired so many great things that he could be wearing in October.
  • School has started in full swing and I was so happy to be asked to help with some crafts again.  Ms. Erin was Taft's teacher before and she did great projects with the kids.  She gave me a list of themes for the year and I am having a great time trying to come up with some ideas.  I need to post about the ones that we took in this week.  They turned out great.
But - that is what is going on in my head today.  Lots of randomness and things to put on the "To Do List".  Hopefully I will get some of them finished up.  Head over to The Wonderful Happens and link up with what is on your mind and see what other people are saying. 

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