Things You Learn From Google

And no, I don't mean the things that you can search for.  How many times do you open up Google and see the fun little way they have written the word itself?  Do you know that if you click on that "new" Google picture that it links you to the reason behind it?
I was a little shocked to find out that many people didn't know that.  I know that most people figured out how to play the I Love Lucy clips on the little tv (which I thought was genius) and how to play the little guitar this year, but not everyone paid attention to anything else.
So today  - this is what you see:
It's graphically cute and my first thought was "cute. oranges.".  But then it hit me, why oranges in September....

Today is the birthday of Albert von Svent-Gyogyi de Nagyrapolt, born in 1893.  He was the Hungarian scientist that was credited with discovering the citric acid cycle and Vitamin C.  He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1937 for Physiology or Medicine.
Now - will I remember his name tomorrow?  No.  Will I give it second thought the next time that I eat an orange?  Maybe.  So why do I care?  I love little bits of info.  Useless in my daily life maybe, but I have a brain full of this stuff.  And if we can learn one new thing a day, it's a good day, and I bet that you pay a little more attention to Google before you just put in your search.  ;0

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