Car Wash

I have had the photos added in this post for weeks and have never gotten around to writing the post. 
Taft has wanted to go to a car wash since watching the Handy Manny episode where a neighbor opens a new car wash and Handy Manny helps out.  So on September 7th, we went.  We pass the carwash in the mornings on the way to his school and they are closed but they are open every afternoon. 
I am not a car wash fan.  At least not of the ones that you drive thru.  This one has a Wacky Wednesday special and is only $3.  It is pretty long and you stay in the car.  I wondered if Taft would like it or if he would scream the entire time.
He loved it after it got started.  He loved the fact that the sign had a puppy on it.  He loved that the boys that work there do a little prewash before you go into the tunnel.  He loved telling everyone about it the next day.

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