Alabama Trip Day 3 - Saturday

On Saturday, we were awaken before 8 by Mallory to let us know that breakfast was almost ready.  We ate breakfast each day at my parents house with the entire family.  Taft and I went over in our pj's.  Uncle Pack was dressed and said that he would take Taft for a 4 wheeler ride before he and Lori left for the day.  I wondered how Taft would do this time.  He got right on and told me by.  They took a nice long ride and Taft loved it.  Later when we got dressed, he wanted to wear his camo shorts because they were just like Pack's.
Then we got ready to go shopping with Mawmaw, Kristi, and Mallory.  We went to a big Thrift Store in Oxford and to Kohl's.  Mawmaw got Taft 8 new shirts and a pair of shoes.  Now he just needs pants to get started for fall.  We also go lunch at Arby's.  "Roast Beast" is a favorite of Taft's.
By the time we got to Mawmaw Geneva's, it was time for a nap.  Taft and I laid down in bed but didn't get a lot of sleeping done.  Shamar kept wanting to sleep with us and could not be still.  I knew then that we had to lock him out for the night.
When we got up, Pawpaw was cooking dinner.  He did tuna steaks on the grill, salmon, and shrimp.  He also did pork chops for Mother since she is not a fan of seafood.  It was delicious.  We also had garlic bread and potatoes.  Pawpaw and Mawmaw had gone to the Fruithurst Winery while Taft and I napped.  We tried the strawberry wine, blackberry wine, and muscadine wine.  All were very good, but I loved the strawberry.
After dinner was over, Mawmaw took Taft and I for a ride on the Rhino out in the pasture.  Taft loved it since it was starting to get dark and he could see the moon.  He also thought that we were going very fast.
Somehow, I didn't take any photos on Saturday.

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