Alabama Day 4 - Sunday

Yes - another post that I have had started but not finished.....

Sunday was our last day in Heflin.  We all had breakfast together and then Taft took some photos with his family to use in his collage at school.  Here are just a few...
 Taft with Uncle Patrick (my brother) and his new wife, Aunt Lori.  Taft really loved Uncle Pack.
 Taft and Mawmaw Geneva (my grandmother)
 Taft and Shemar.  Aunt Kristi's cat that is living with Mawmaw.
 Mallory and Travis with Shemar.
 Taft and Mawmaw (my mother)
 Taft and Pawpaw (my daddy) and Bit Bit, I think.
 Aunt Kristi (my sister), Taft and Mallory
Taft wanted to get his picture made with Pawpaw's car aka Lightning McQueen.
Taft completely fell in love with a weed eater toy at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's.  Pawpaw gave it to Taft and brought it out the car for us.  Taft was so happy that he held it all the way to Gran's house.  He even held it as he slept in the car.
When we got to Gran's, it was dinner time.  Mrs. Betty came to eat with us.  She is one of Gran's friends and the mother of Shane's best friend from school.  We always love to see Mrs. Betty.  We also ate with Scott, Izzy, Evan, and Jenna.  Aunt Chelsea wasn't feeling well and didn't get the house until later.
I can't believe that I didn't get anymore pictures at Gran's house.  Taft had a ball!  He loved Jenna's new fish and wanted to kiss the tank.  He also loved her new hamster (or mouse as he called it) and loved for me to get it out of the cage and let him kiss it too.
We also go to spend some time with Aunt Chelsea.  Her and Scott got married in March but since we had not been to Alabama in a year (gasp) we had not gotten the chance to meet her yet.  Hopefully we will get to stay longer the next trip and get to know her a little better.

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