Alabama Trip Day 2 - Friday

On Friday, we woke up and had breakfast with Gran before packing up to go to Heflin.  On the way, Taft and I saw a cotton field.  I decided to stop and get out and let Taft see the cotton.  I told him that it was cotton and he said that it was "cotton balls".  He was a little hard to get to smile for a picture but I got a few that are a "kinda funny" as he says.  Then we picked a little piece of cotton to take home and got back on the road.

When we got to Mawmaw's (my grandmother), I told Taft to go in and say surprise. When we went in she was asleep in her recliner.  I think that he surprised her and maybe scared her to death.  She was very happy to see us and we were very happy to see her. 
Mawmaw Geneva has a new cat living in her house.  Shamar.  Kristi found him at the feed store and brought him home.  Then they found out that he has been fixed and declawed.  He is a beautiful cat and huge!  I weighed him and he was 20 pounds.  He and Taft were pretty close in size.

After a few minutes, Aunt Kristi came over to see us before she had to go to work at the school.  She asked us to come have lunch with Mallory and her Pre-K class.  So we made plans to do that.
Before we left to go to the school, Uncle Patrick and his new wife Lori came over.  Taft looked a Patrick a little funny at first.  I told him that Patrick might eat him.  Finally he went over to Patrick, who he started calling Pack, and said, "Pack, I want to hug you.  Don't eat me OK?". 
We went to Pleasant Grove Elementary School when I went to school to see Miss Mallory.  First we took a tour of the library with Kristi.  Then we waited on the Pre-K class to come through.  Mallory was excited to see us.  We had a great lunch of hamburgers.  Travis saw us and came over to say hello also.  One of the funniest things is what the Pre-K kids will tell you.  One asked if I knew her mother.  I told her that I didn't and she said, "she is Brooke and my dad is Brett, "  I guess I was supposed to know know who that was.  They were all pretty funny.
Aunt Kristi, Mallory, Taft, and  made a trip to the Dollar General also.  We saw the milk man while we were there.  He was making his delivery.  He told us to come out to the truck before we left.  He let Mallory and Taft get on the truck and gave them each a chocolate milk.  In the photo, they kinda look afraid, but they said that they loved it.

Later, everyone had dinner at Mawmaw's house.  Then we went to my parents house for a little while and a tour.  We had not been to Alabama since their remodel was finished.  It looks great. 
Then it was back to Mawmaw Geneva's to get ready for bed.

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