Alabama Trip Day 1 - Thursday

Taft and I left Florida to come to Alabama.  We left this morning at 9am and started north.  I wondered how traveling with him would be this go around.  He has not been on a road trip in over a year.  It went very well.
The first place that we stopped was at the Georgia Welcome Center.  I thought that Taft would enjoy going in and picking out some books and maps.  He did.  They have a special book for kids, a Georgia Travel Guide, and then Taft got a "smile".  It is a smile on a stick.  He thought that it was funny.
Taft looking at the Cabbage Patch Kid Display at the Welcome Center
Taft with his "smile" on.
We made great time and he loved getting out of the car to stretch when we stopped for gas.  He also got a kick out of getting lunch at Krystal.  He loved the square cheeseburger.
We also stopped at one of my favorite places - the store in Weston, GA.  It sells pecan logs and candies, homemade beef jerky, and has clean bathrooms and gas.  The last two are a plus.  I may have gotten a pecan log and I may have eaten it all before we got to Columbus.  ;0
Once we got into Ft. Benning, Taft was thrilled to see all the tanks and "army mans".

Our plan was to get into Phenix City and stop to see Aunt Teresa, Izzy, and Evan.  We made such great time that we were very early and Aunt T was still in school.   Lucky for us, she just had us come by the school and visit.
Then it was off to Gran's house.  We got in, had dinner, and then Taft went out to help Gran water the plants.  We are going to bed soon and will get up in the morning and back on the road.  We are going to Mawmaw's (my grandmother) in the morning to surprise her.

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