Whatnot Wednesday

It is Wednesday already.  I have been sick since last week and still barely have a voice and I have not blogged in a week. 
  • Dancing With the Stars - I am not a fan. I tried to watch the first season but it was terrible. Basically - I feel that it is not Dancing With the Stars, it is more like Dancing With People that Have Been Stars or now, Dancing With Reality TV Stars. You get the point. But, the new cast came out this week I think that I may need to tune in. First, there is Nancy Grace. I love Nancy. She is sarcastic, theatrical, and you do not want to be on her bad side. And just the fact that Chaz Bono is going to be on the show lets me know that anyone can be. Since when is he a star? But then we have JR Martinez. He is an actor on All My Children and an Iraq War vet. I love him. I think that I may have to watch this year, but don't hold me to it.
JR Martinez
  • So far, I have been keeping up with Taft's new calendar for his scrapbook.  Of course we are only one week in. I check each day to see what he has done at school that might be different or new from the day before and add that.  I am also writing a little something for the weekend days.  It only has enough room for a sentence and I think that is perfect.  It will just be great to have in the scrapbook at the beginning of each month to see a little snippet of what he did that month.
  • Tomorrow, Taft and I leave on a road trip.  Shane is staying here in Florida and Taft and I are driving to Alabama.  (If you are reading this and speak to my grandmother, please do not mention it to her.  We are going to surprise her when we show up on Friday morning). He has not been on a long road trip since last summer.  The big difference this year is that he is potty trained which means more stops on the 500 mile journey.  We are getting to see a lot of people while we are there and I will try to blog daily with up dates.
  • I am still obsessed with Pinterest. 
  • I am so ready for Fall and plan on putting up the Fall Header on the blog ASAP.  Maybe even tonight since September is a fall month.  ;0  I am ready to start on some fall crafts and new wreaths and can't wait to post some of those next month. 
  • This is my next hairstyle.  I think that I will love it and keep it that way for the fall/winter.  Right now it has to grow to get to this.  It is in a pixie and the bangs need to get much longer.  Lucky for me, my hair grows extremely fast.  My hairstylist said that it will be there well before Halloween.
Now head over to The Wonderful Happens and see what other people are getting off their minds today.  You might be surprised that you are thinking the same thing.  


  1. I'm obsessed with pinterest too. I love the hairstyle. I have to say that I'm a DWTS fan - hope you enjoy it more this time. And welcome to Alabama... soon:)

  2. cute, cute hair!! post a picture of yours when you get it done like that!!

  3. Lori - thanks for the welcome! I left Alabama in 2004 and would love to move back.
    As soon as my hair grows out that much, I will post a picture. ;0

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