Alabama Trip Day 5 - Monday

Our drive home from Alabama was a long one.  We spent the night with Gran on Sunday to be able to get a head start on the drive.  It is further south than my parent's house so it would help with the timing.  But - it was storming.  A lot.  We got up later than we meant too. 
By the time that we were up, had baths, and had the car packed, it was about noon.  Then the storm sirens started to go off so we delayed a little to see how the weather looked.  I had mentioned to Taft that we needed to stop and buy mayonnaise on the way home.  When I got him in his car seat, I asked him where we were going.  I thought that he would say, "home" or "to see daddy", but he said, "to buy mayonnaise".  This is only important if you know my love of Bama brand Mayo.  I can't buy it in Florida so I stock up when I get home and have people bring it to me when they visit. 
Taft and I didn't get to Columbus, GA, until around 2 pm.
We stopped at Wal*Mart in Phenix City for mayo and then to get some lunch at a drive thru.  The drive was not too bad even though it rained almost the entire time.  I kept the radio on local stations and every county that we went into was under a storm and/or tornado warning.  It was a little crazy.
We did stop at the little store between Columbus, GA, and Albany, GA.  The Merritt Pecan Company has homemade jerky and lots of pecan candy and pecan logs.  Plus - they have very clean bathrooms and gas.  Taft and I stopped on the way in and out of town. 
It was after dark when we got to Florida and Taft was tired.  So was I.  We called Daddy when we got to Jacksonville, FL, so that he could order us some pizza for dinner and have it ready for us.  Taft was very excited to see his daddy and tell him all about his trip.  He wanted to show him all his new toys, clothes, and shoes, and talked about the fun he had until he fell asleep.

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