Oh, How Pinteresting

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already!  This last week has flown by and I have found so many great things on Pinterest.  I have even tried a few this week and loved them all.

So - head over to The Vintage Apple and see what people are pinning this week.

Rainbow Drink.  Completely perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  I think that Taft would love to look it and maybe drink a little.  It says to use Ginger Ale but I think that we might just try Sprite.  
I love the idea of the Thanksgiving tree and I suppose you can just take off the leaves and add your cards.  I'm just not sure where to put it. 
Great idea for storing gift wrap!
Source:  Photography Concentrate via Melissa  on Pinterest
I just love this!  It is just so true.
If you still need an invite to Pinterest, just ask and I will send you one. ;0
Have a great week everyone! 

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