Whatnot Wednesday

Today is another Whatnot Wednesday and I am linking up to The Wonderful Happens. Be sure to head over there and see what people are getting off their minds today. Then link up a post if you too need to empty your brain. ;0
  • Fall is on my brain.  I am not sure if it is the fact that I love the Halloween and fall colors, or if it is just the fact that I am ready for cooler weather.  Taft and I have been looking online at Halloween costumes.  I want to let him have some say in picking it out this year.  So - far it looks like a Firefighter might be the one.
  • Halloween also means that I am thinking about gifts for Taft's friends and teachers, not only for Halloween, but also for Christmas.  I like to have an idea of that I am doing so I can be on the lookout for good sales.  I saw adorable lollipop ghosts on Pinterest.  I remember them from being a child but these use fabric instead of tissue.  Perfect!  Then I plan on making lollipop spiders for the teachers, helpers, and office staff.
  • I am also thinking about fun fall adventures.  Last year we went to Stanley Adventure Pond and Taft loved it.  It was just a LONG drive on lots and lots of little county roads.  It was a full day.  I would love to find something closer to home or at least an easier drive.  Here is our trip from last year.  If you live in Florida, I would love suggestions on where you go!  In all this heat, it is hard to find a good pumpkin patch.
  • Playroom organization:  I have been thinking hard about ways to organize Taft's playroom.  We recently moved his big toys (kitchen, work bench, etc) into the old formal living room.  We never used it and this way someone gets some use out of it.  I am thinking about a pegboard beside his workbench to hang his tools and hard hats on.  I will let you know how that goes. I would just love to get it ready before Santa drops off more toys.
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