Oh, So Pinteresting

I still believe that Pinterest is the best invention of the past 5 years.  I can't sing it's praises enough.  I am a visual person.  When I have an idea in my mind, I draw it in order to explain them.  Pinterest is just the right place for a person like me.
I am linking up to The Vintage Apple for Oh, So Pinteresting Wednesday!
Here are a few things that I "pinned" this week. Click on the photo to see the original source.

houzz.com via pinterest.com
I am not very organized, but I am sure that something like this could help in the kitchen. 
amazingmae.blogspot.com via pinterest.com
How perfect is this when Taft is old enough to not be in a carseat?  I may just have to try to make these next summer for other people.
allhalloweencrafts.com via pinterest.com
 Halloween is already on my mind and I love these!  These use fabric instead of tissue and I am thinking print ribbons for Taft's friends at Preschool. 
What did you "pin" this week?  Head over to The Vintage Apple, link up, and see what others are looking at this week.

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