{right now}: Taft's Saturday Update

As you can tell by this photo (taken by our friend Yvette), Taft had a very happy Saturday.  We started the day by going to Ormond Beach to get hair cuts. Thankfully, he now loves to go see Miss Stacy and get his hair cut.  He is even a pretty good boy while I get mine done.
After hair cuts, we went to Wal*Mart to get a few things and a gift for sweet Joyce.  Taft had been invited to go to her 1st birthday party.  He picked out a gift and the wrapping.  He was very insistent about what we got and would not take no for an answer.
Then he took a little trip to Chick-fil-A and picked up lunch.  After eating he got rested and ready for the party.
Taft had never met Joyce but I know her through a friend at work.  I let Taft hold the photo invitation on the way to the party so he would know what Joyce looks like and he practiced saying her name. 
The highlights of his afternoon are as follows:
  • Playing in the sprinkles with Nathan and Noah.  He got to control the water turning on and off.
  • Getting to see his friend Dardas aka Yvette Vargas
  • Making lots of new friends. He gave out more than a few kisses when we left.
  • Getting all the candy from the pinata.
  • Eating birthday cake.
  • And Joyce coming over to attack kiss him!  She did it right before she opened her present from Taft.  He seemed to be just fine with it as you can tell from above.
The first thing Taft told me when he woke up this morning was that he had fun at Joyce's house.  He turned the sprinklers on and off and that he wanted to go back to see her someday.

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