{right now}: Taft's Everyday

Taft's everyday changes from time to time. He gets in a schedule and sticks to it for awhile. At the moment some things are a constant.

  • He wants Mac and Cheese as soon as we get home from school. He wants it in a bowl, between his legs, and on the sofa.  And yes, that is a Blow Pop in his hand as he eats.  He got it at school for being a good boy.
  • While he is eating, he wants to watch tv. Only one show will do. He wants to watch the Robots movie. Thank goodness, it is pretty cute and I am not dying to see something else yet. He has had worse picks this year by far.

  •  He is obessed with Take and Toss cups, but only while at school.  He had a temp teacher at the begining of the summer, and she wanted the kids to bring cups.  (they stopped bringing sippy cups about 8 months ago in his other class).  Now - he will only drink from one of these at school each day and must fill it up with water at the fountain before leaving school. 

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