Whatnot Wednesday

Today is another Whatnot Wednesday and I am linking up to The Wonderful Happens.  Be sure to head over their and see what people are getting off their minds today.  Then link up a post if you too need to empty your brain.  ;0
  • July is almost over.  I promised myself that I would start Christmas shopping and do a Christmas in July layaway.  KMart still does though you know.  You can even do it all online and only go to the store to pick it up.  I plan on doing that Friday.  I do not want to be stressed in December trying to get things tied up. 
  • Here in Florida, I find that I am having a slight Belvin Perry withdrawal.  I could care less where Casey Anthony is.  But - I think that we need to get a petition going to get Belvin Perry his own Court TV show.  He made watching the trial very entertaining at times.  Everyone else, including the jurors are making a profit, so why not him?  I really like him.
  • If you have been visiting my blog long, you know that it has changed its looks many times.  I remember when I first started and I had to make it match each season and holiday as fast as possible.  This past week, I went under a complete make over that I love.  I spent too much time making new headers and learning how to make a signature show up after each post, but I am thrilled with the outcome.  I still may do a little holiday decor, but not as crazy as before.  My favorite part is changing the address.  I am thrilled that blogger will let you get a .com and change the name.  No hassle.  The blogspot addresses are so long and most of us name our blogs without thinking about the future.  I didn't even think that I would stick with it.  Besides - kyetrabelton.com makes me feel special.  ;0
  • I need to take more pictures.  I was reminded by The Week In The Life Project with Ali Edwards that I miss a lot of great photos.  I am not doing the project but she has great tips that are useful everyday.  I do plan on taking some time out to take photos of things that happen everyday.  I want to take some of the route to Taft's Preschool each day.  Things that he sees all the time but will oneday be forgotten.  Street signs in the neighborhood, weird mailboxes that out neighbors have, the things he takes to school everyday, you get the idea.  I would love to have those type photos from my childhood and hope that one day he will appreciate them.
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  1. I'm so totally impressed that you are about to start your Christmas shopping!! The blog looks great! I can NEVER figure out the headers and signatures and everything! So, can you change the address and still keep your followers?? I would love to change my address.

  2. Lori - Thank you!
    Yyou keep everything! The only thing that I lost were both my blog lists. They showed up but were empty. So I would save them just in case. It was no big deal. It is $10 a year to keep the address, which I think is pretty cheap. Just go to settings and then publishing and they tell you all about it. They even redirect everyone that tries to use the old blogspot address.


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