April Update

I can't believe how behind I have gotten on blogging.  There are many reasons for it though.  We have been busy here.  Busy with work, school, and I have taken a extra job with Macaroni Kid.  I won't go into the new job a lot since you can read more about it on the link above, but I do still have my full time day job.  MK is a night and weekend kinda thing that I have taken on.  This am marked my 3rd week and newsletter.  So far, so good.
On March 30, Taft got another Gran Box in the mail.  It was a big one!  He got lots of clothes.  Shorts and shirts.  He also got Play Dough, Toy Story figures, Toy Story pencil case (it will be great for crayons in the car), sunglasses, and snacks.  We do love Gran Boxes.
Yesterday, Taft and I went to get his hair cut.  It was much needed.  He did great.  For the first time ever, he voiced no complaints.  Right before his turn, he saw Miss Meaghan from his school.  She had just gotten her cut and color from the same girl that was going to cut Taft's hair.  He was pretty excited about it.  He ran to her to give her a hug and kiss.  He loves Meaghan!

Before.  Waiting for the cut to begin.

After.  Safe in the car with Bunny and some juice.

Then it was off to Kohl's to look for shirts to match some of the shorts that Gran sent.  She sent a brown pair and navy pair but was unable to find shirts.  Taft and I had no trouble finding shirts at Kohl's.  I. love. Kohl's.  The Jumping Beans line is great for him.  It has not let me down yet.  Plus - they are almost always on sale.  We got the two we went for and then found one on sale for $3.90 and had to get it too.  Where else can you get 3 great shirts for under $15?

His shirts to match his new brown and navy shorts.

The "extra" shirt Taft got for being a good boy at his haircut.  He likes clothes as much as toys.

After the shopping was over, and Taft had paid for and carried out his clothes, we went to Wendy's for a fast lunch.  We got it to go and came home for a nap.

He really likes fries.
Today - Shane and I took Taft to the beach to fly his kite.  We went to eat at one of the places on the water a few weeks ago and he saw a boy with a kite.  He has told us since that he wanted one too.  I saw some at Dollar Tree on Friday and picked one up for him.  He was amazed at how it would fly but there was not a lot of wind today.  It did fairly well but he was ready to come home. 

We stopped by Publix, aka The Cookie Store, on the way home and got him a cupcake.  After he played with it and got it everywhere ate it, he took a nap.  Now we just have to get ready for school and work tomorrow.


  1. I can't believe how big/adorable Taft is! My goodness...

    I LOVE and miss Kohls. We don't have one here! :(

    Thanks for the update, Kyetra!


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